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Watch: Colorblind people react to seeing colors for the first time

Valspar Color For The Colorblind Video

Being colorblind can make the world a duller place since it means you see some of the world’s most gorgeous colors as shades of gray. To fix this, Valspar Paint has been teaming up with glasses manufacturer EnChroma to create special glasses to help colorblind people see exactly what they’ve been missing.

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To show off the results of this partnership, Valspar recently posted a short video featuring colorblind people putting on EnChroma’s glasses and witnessing a full gamut of colors for the first time. The various people in the video seem appropriately wowed by the full spectrum of colors on display, with one going so far as to say the world looked dull when she took the glasses off.

As for the glasses themselves, they come in several different styles and sizes and sell anywhere from $325 to $450 depending on the model. On its website, EnChroma gives a pretty detailed description of how this technology works.

“The general class of filters that are designed by our method are called multi-notch filters: they contain one or more sharp ‘cutouts’ in the visible spectrum,” the company explains. “To make a lens that helps with red-green color blindness, the notch filtering occurs primarily in the spectral region corresponding to the maximum overlap between the red and green photopigments. Effectively, this drives a kind of wedge between the L-cone and M-cone signals, thus improving the separation of their signals and providing better color vision to the deficient observer. We don’t claim that this is a cure for color blindness — it is not a cure: like any eyeglass product it is an optical assistive device.”

Check out EnChroma’s full assortment of glasses by clicking here.

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