Health food crazes are nothing new in California, but one of the latest is especially ridiculous. Consumers are paying $10 (or more) for a single bottle of something called cold-pressed juice, but there’s no real evidence substantiating the belief that we absorb more nutrients from cold-pressed juice than we do from juice that went through a standard blender.

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In this classic video, Jimmy Kimmel proves that not only are Californians willing to pay for anything that is supposedly healthier than the alternative, but that no one really knows what cold-pressed juice is supposed to taste or look like.

In order to do so, the Jimmy Kimmel Live crew created its own juice company, appropriately called jüce. Rather than carefully squeezing and crushing the fruit in a specialized cold-press juicer, they just crushed up a bunch of Fun Dip, Tang, Creamsicles and Skittles and mixed them with water.

The results are as amazing as you’d expect. Watch below: