Science fiction movies have imagined all sorts of flying cars over the years that leave us dreaming of a high-tech future. Designs have ranged as special effects have improved, but flying cars in movies have always been fairly stylish and futuristic.

In short, they looked nothing like this.

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It doesn’t feature space age styling and it isn’t sleek like all the cars we’ve seen in sci-fi movies, but Thorstin Crijns’s flying car is real, and it works.

The Dutch engineer has been working for quite some time on his autonomous human transport project, and as Hackaday recently pointed out, he now has a working prototype.

Here’s a video of the vehicle in action:

Crijns’s quadrocopter car didn’t take him very far and it certainly wasn’t the most stable ride, but it clearly works. He now plans to continue to refine his design and stabilize its flight.