Intended to be an update that’ll deliver increased stability and an improved user experience, iOS 9 has a bunch of interesting new features, including a variety of cool tricks that should improve the iOS experience. There are also some great new features that Apple didn’t properly introduce on stage at WWDC 2015. In what follows, you can see six upcoming iOS 9 features that are very nifty, and they’re all detailed in quick GIF animations.

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The GIFs have been put together by Gizmodo, and should also help you figure out how to use the features once you get your hands on iOS 9.

New App Switcher

ios-9-features-app-switcherImage Source: Gizmodo

Improved Shift Key Behavior

ios-9-features-keyboard-shift-keyImage Source: Gizmodo

Search in Settings

ios-9-features-search-settingsImage Source: Gizmodo

Battery Management

ios-9-features-battery-managementImage Source: Gizmodo

Search and Siri Integration

ios-9-features-search-siriImage Source: Gizmodo

Photos Swipe-to-Select Feature

ios-9-features-photos-swipe-to-selectImage Source: Gizmodo

More details about each of this tiny, but potentially critical iOS 9 improvements, are available at the source link.