One of the things that makes Quentin Tarantino a great director is just how much he loves watching and absorbing other movies whether they’re old westerns, gangster movies or campy horror flicks. Tarantino also puts subtle allusions to older films in many of his movies and YouTube user Jacob T. Swinney has put together a compilation showing us just how often Tarantino tips his cap to films released long ago.

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In all, Swinney spotted allusions to 34 different films in Tarantino’s movies, including nods to classic movies such as PsychoThe Graduate8 1/2 and Gone With the Wind. Other films Tarantino alludes to aren’t quite masterpieces, of course, as Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell is never going to make anyone’s list of the greatest movies ever made.

Nonetheless, the video does an excellent job of showing us Tarantino’s vast catalog of inspirations. Check it out below.