It’s always great when a someone ports an ancient OS onto a modern piece of technology just to prove they can do it. YouTube user Corbin Davenport this week showed off something that’s one of the oddest pairings of this kind ever: The Macintosh System 6 platform on an Android Wear smartwatch.

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Davenport installed System 6 onto the Samsung Gear Live watch using the Mini VMac II emulator app that you can actually download right off the Google Play Store. The app is designed to emulate the experience of using a 1987 Macintosh II on Android devices.

As you’ll see in the video, navigating System 6 on a tiny touchscreen is not easy in the slightest so this is not something a sane person would want to use on their smartwatch on a regular basis. Nonetheless, it’s cool to see something that used to run on a large, heavy box work smoothly on a tiny mini-computer.

Check out the whole thing below.

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