Google has come up with a new Google search trick that can make your life easier, and you should really remember this one next time you’re hunting for food.

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The company is now letting you order food directly from search results, a feature that can be quite handy.

“When you search for a nearby restaurant on your phone, you’ll see an option to ‘Place an order’ in the search results,” Google revealed on Google Plus. “Just tap that, choose the delivery service and you’ll be taken to their website to complete the order.”

Unfortunately, there’s a downside: you only get to order directly from search results from a handful of restaurants for the time being, including Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu and

Google does say it’s looking to add more of them in the future, so you’ll just have to keep trying it out until your favorite restaurants will support the feature.

A GIF animation showing you how the new Google Search trick works on an Android device follows below.

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