Mortal Kombat X is one of the most popular games of 2015 so far… and it’s also one of the most gory and violent games of 2015 so far. As such, there’s probably not a better game out there for The Fine Brothers to record elders playing — so that’s exactly what they did in the most recent entries in their popular YouTube reaction series.

Even better, the brothers also filmed elders reacting to all of the fatalities in Mortal Kombat X, which are easily the most gruesome finishing moves the Mortal Kombat franchise has seen to date.

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Here is a just a small sampling of the reactions from the video:

“Oh no, no, no. I can’t believe… I can’t believe this!”

“I guess they’re always pushing boundaries, you know? It’s just like Saw. How many creative ways can we torture and kill someone?”

“No. Noooooooooooooo! Oh no I can’t watch this!”

“This is too much for youngsters, at least, to be thrilled to get to.”

“They’re all horrible. Every one of them is horrible. I don’t know which is more horrible than the other.”

“I think that’s horrible. I think that’s absolutely horrible. Shame on whoever put that out. Shame.”

“I think it’s overkill, and goes beyond what a game should have.”

And finally, a nice little insight:

“Here are these incredibly creative people… theses are people who could change the world!. And I go, ‘why are you putting your energy into really gratuitous and obscene violence?'”


The full video is embedded below, but first you’ll find a video of the same panelists trying to play Mortal Kombat X themselves.