There’s no worse feeling than having the battery on your phone die. It’s like having all of your closest friends suddenly vanish off the face of the Earth, which is why the Super Bowl commercial from smartphone case maker Mophie is going to resonate with anyone who has ever owned a smartphone.

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Throughout Mophie’s ad, hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis, fires and wild animals tear the world asunder. The denizens of our planet look to the sky, aghast at the terror that the heavens have wrought. What just creator would cause such chaos? What have we done to deserve an end so tragic?

As it turns out, God’s phone simply ran out of juice.

“Gosh darn it,” he proclaims.

We’ve written about smartphone batteries countless times before on BGR, from tips for improving your phone’s battery life to the seven phones that seem to last forever on a single charge. It’s an issue that has touched all of our lives, which is why Mophie is probably going to sell a few cases once this commercial hits the air waves.

There’s no telling what could happen while your phone is dead. That’s why Mophie thinks you need one of its battery phone cases. Watch the full commercial below and see if it makes you a believer.