On Monday, Apple finally wrapped up its U2 “Songs of Innocence” album giveaway for iTunes customers. The release led 26 million iTunes users to download the album, and 81 million users to “experience” it. Now, Amazon is picking up the album and giving it to Amazon Prime subscribers through Amazon Prime Music.

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When Apple added the new U2 album to its users’ iTunes libraries automatically, it was met with backlash that forced the company to give them a quick way to delete the album from their libraries — and now Amazon is taking advantage of that backlash.

On Tuesday, Amazon tweeted that the album will be free for Amazon Prime subscribers, but not without taking a shot at Apple:

Admittedly, this is a pretty clever strategy in the wake of Apple users searching for a way to delete the album out of their library. After all, U2 fans who actually want the album this week have a simple choice: Apple now offers the new U2 album for $9.99 through iTunes, iTunes Radio, and Beats Music, while Amazon will let you get it for free with Amazon Prime.

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