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The funniest thing you’ll see today: Conan thinks Apple could do more to help U2 haters

Conan Apple U2 Parody

Inexplicably, the biggest tech-related controversy of the month has without a doubt been the release of U2’s new album. When Tim Cook and Bono announced that Songs of Innocence would be injected into everyone’s iTunes account without their permission, the Internet proceeded to lose its collective mind. There were op-eds, angry tweets and enough vitriol to force Apple to provide a simple solution for removing the album that it paid $100 million to give out for free. But what if Apple didn’t go far enough?

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On Thursday night, Conan O’Brien debuted his latest Apple parody, in which “Apple’s marketing VP” Marcus Pratt conveyed the company’s dismay regarding the public’s reaction to the album. After all, how could a bunch of middle-aged men know that teens and 20-somethings wouldn’t appreciate a free U2 album on their phone?

So Apple provided the tools to remove the album, but what about the lingering memory of its existence? Thankfully, Apple figured out a way to make its removal tool even more effective. What if instead of simply removing the album from your library, Apple built a machine that would erase any memory of U2 from your mind entirely? The results might surprise you.

Watch the full video below:

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