As if “Bendgate” wasn’t bad enough PR during the rollout of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, or the fact that the iOS 8.0.1 update turned iPhones into bricks, some people thought it would be fun to post pictures of their bent iPhones on Instagram. This seems to be adding to the notion that the new iPhones will bend easily just by putting the phone in your pocket and sitting down too fast, even though Consumer Reports basically debunked that as being “overblown.”

If you don’t want to see iPhones bent through the middle, it’s suggested that you look away from the screen and be thankful for the iPhone you have. Because if you’re not careful, something like these tragedies below could happen to an iPhone you know, or an iPhone you care about.

Here are a bunch of photos of bent iPhone 6 handsets that Business Insider dug up:

If you notice where the bends are occurring on the new iPhones, it seems that they all pretty much bend right near the volume buttons. This could give Apple’s iPhone design team a hint on where to fix the problem for future models..

One thing is for sure: if it’s expensive and human beings get their hands on it, you can bet that they will find new and interesting ways to break it.

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