There’s no question that Google Glass is the ultimate geek toy right now, but are you really ready to spend $1,500 and fully embrace the “glasshole” lifestyle? Google this week said in an email to people who had previously expressed interest in Glass that the company is now letting prospective buyers try its connected eyewear for free before they commit to buying it.

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“There’s a lot of talk about Glass, but have you tried it for yourself yet?” Google wrote in an email to some potential customers, according to CNET. “Sit down with a Glass Guide, take in the view and see what Glass is really like.”

As noted by the email, Google is inviting people to schedule an appointment on its website to visit one of the company’s “basecamps” in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. There, they will have the opportunity to meet with a Google sales rep and try out Google Glass before making a purchase.

A link to make an appointment on Google’s site can be found in the source section below.