For nearly a decade, Nokia was synonymous with the cell phone industry. From the classic, boxy, featureless phones all the way up through the Lumia line, Nokia attempted to evolve along with the market it had a hand in creating. But by the time the Android operating system and the iPhone hit the scene, it was too late to recover. Nokia floundered for a bit, gasping for air as the competition overtook it, until Microsoft finally decided it might be worth saving the most reliable provider of Windows Phone devices.

The acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business by Microsoft has been completed, and TecworkZ has taken the opportunity to look back one last time at the phones that made Nokia a household name ten years ago.

If you owned a cell phone in the year 2000, you probably owned a Nokia 3310 or one of its many variants. It was nearly unbreakable yet managed to look relatively sleek in the process. As the market marched forward, Nokia experimented with camera-focused phones, keyboard-equipped phones, media-centric phones and even phones dedicated to gaming. That’s right, no one who witnessed the birth of the N-Gage will ever forget “sidetalking.”

It’s a nice tribute to the company that helped start the mobile craze, and it’s worth taking a look for nostalgia alone. Check out the full list over at TecworkZ.

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