It’s official — we can no longer go a day without learning about a new would-be BlackBerry savior who planned to make a bid for the company. Bloomberg reports that Former Apple CEO John Sculley was “lining up a bid for BlackBerry” with a group of investors when BlackBerry suddenly stopped looking for a suitor. The Canadian company dismissed Thorsten Heins and immediately began a $1 billion fundraising effort to try to turn things around on its own. Sculley was as surprised to hear the news as the rest of us.

“We were pretty confident that we had the funds to be able to do the deal, but we didn’t think Prem Watsa from Fairfax was going to be able get his deal fully funded,” Sculley said. “So we decided to wait and see what happened because we thought the price might drop or there may be other bidders coming in.”

That delay apparently cost Sculley and his investors an opportunity to bid on BlackBerry, but there’s no telling if the Waterloo-based smartphone maker would have accepted it regardless.