It would appear that Nokia is planning on expanding its hardware lineup rather extensively in the near future. Last Thursday, a patent and subsequent video revealed Nokia’s frist attempt at a smartwatch, complete with six screens and interchangeable pieces, and now an image has leaked that seems to show off an MP3 player from the cellphone maker as well. The image comes courtesy of @evleaks, along with the supposed codename, “Guru.” The infamous Twitter leaker claims that the Nokia Guru will be competition for the iPod shuffle, with NFC (near field communication) capacity built in — though shortly after the image appeared online, @evleaks retweeted The Verge’s Tom Warren who posited that the Guru would end up being a bluetooth headset rather than a media player. Nokia’s media event is only one day away, so don’t be surprised to see some brand new hardware from the newly acquired company, including whatever the Guru turns out to be.