Electronics users want the latest and greatest but the turnaround of new tech is relentless, and Apple is a prime example of consistent one-upmanship. The latest Apple device to make waves is the unannounced iPad 5, set to be revealed on October 22nd. Gazelle reported last week that it saw a 321% increase in iPad trade-ins over the same date in 2012, coinciding with the date Apple’s iPad event was revealed to be taking place on October 22nd. Then the next day, October 9th, became “the biggest day for iPad trade-ins on Gazelle.com so far this year.” All this trading has been based on speculation and rumors, before invitations to an official announcement has even been sent to the media, so there’s no telling what the numbers will be when the invites actually starts hitting inboxes. Overall, Gazelle has seen an increase of five times its year-over-year volume.