Apple is reportedly getting ready to unveil a new gold color option for the iPhone 5S next month — are people excited for it? Not really, according to the results of a series of polls conducted using Input Factory’s “Polar” application. The polls compared various iPhone 5S colors and all of the different iPhone 5C colors that have leaked over the past few months, and sought to determine which colors Apple fans are most excited to see. Where the iPhone 5C is concerned, people like the white model more than both yellow and blue, though blue had edged out green by a few hundred votes at the time of this writing. For the iPhone 5C, both black/slate and white/silver were preferred over the new white/gold combo by huge margins — black topped gold by 1,012 to 267 at the time of this writing, and white led gold 998 to 278. Needless to say, this suggests gold might be a bit too gaudy for many people. The rumored black/graphite color combination was not covered in the polls. The full results of the polls can be viewed on Input Factory’s Polar site and Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are expected to launch on September 20th.