McDonald’s (MCD) is the latest company to incorporate Apple (AAPL) iPads into its business. According to The Virginia-Pilot, a new McDonald’s in Virginia Beach is the first U.S. fast food restaurant of its kind to provide free iPads for customers to use while they eat Big Macs and eat McNuggets. Hugh Fard, the owner of the iPad-equipped McDonald’s told The Virginia-Pilot that he got the idea while attending a worldwide McDonald’s convention in Florida. Fard said he discovered a French company that provided and maintained iPads for international McDonald locations and thought it would be a perfect idea to bring the U.S. While most McDonald’s do have free Wi-Fi, Fard says he’s seeing people stay in that particular fast food restaurant for longer periods of time than before. Could this be the start of a new trend? Maybe. Interestingly enough, Fard made no comment on how clean the iPad touchscreens are after customers get them all greased up.

[Via CNET]