Amazon Kindle Phone Specs

Amazon is currently testing a smartphone with a display between 4 and 5 inches, a new report claims. Rumors swirled last week suggesting that Amazon is working on an own-brand smartphone, though details were limited. The Wall Street Journal chimed in on Wednesday morning, citing anonymous sources within Amazon’s supply chain in claiming that Amazon is indeed testing a smartphone with partners. The report notes that if Amazon moves forward with the device, mass production could start later this year or early next year. ABI Research defines a “phablet” as a smartphone with a display that measures between 4.6 inches and 5.5 inches diagonally, and Amazon’s handset could very well fall into the emerging category. Amazon’s “Kindle phone” is seen as a likely competitor to HTC, LG and Sony rather than the iPhone, and it could run a highly customized version of Android similar to the operating system on the Kindle Fire.