If there was one phone on the market that could be considered the perfect starting point for Sprint’s 4G LTE smartphone lineup, it would be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We reviewed the international version of Samsung’s Android 4.0 smartphone this past November, and it was easily our favorite Android phone at that time. Despite the fact that a number of great looking smartphones have been unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the Galaxy Nexus likely still ranks at the top of our list. Sprint’s version of this handset is identical to the Verizon Wireless version of the phone in terms of hardware, but there is one distinction that will likely make a number of Sprint customers happy: Google Wallet support. Beyond that, you’re looking at the same great pure Google phone that has been wooing Android fans since its announcement. Pricing and availability details haven’t been made available beyond confirmation of a launch in the first half, but check out our hands-on photos in the gallery below while we all wait for more details.