We met up with RIM a few days back in New York City to once again get some hands-on time with the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook, and we definitely liked what we saw. While the OS the PlayBook was running, we’re told, was from around December, the device performed very swiftly and webpages like BGR.com loaded up with ease. We noticed some elements of the site that didn’t load properly but we’ll chalk that up to the build the tablet was running being pretty old. Things like portrait mode and notifications on the system bar were also not working on the unit we tested, so we can’t comment too much on those. We’ve really enjoyed using the PlayBook so far and can’t wait until we get our hands on a review unit. In the mean time, we hope another BGR hands-on will tide you over until that magical April 10th release date. Hit the break for our video, complete with commentary — alright?