If you’re a Palm-loving individual that just simply can’t get rid of your puke lime-colored Centro on AT&T, you’ll probably be pleased to learn that Palm has officially confirmed that the Pre Plus as well as the Pixi Plus will be joining AT&T in the “coming months.” Yes, this is an official announcement of what we already knew, and there isn’t a confirmed launch date. Be that as it may, the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus spec-wise are pretty identical to the Verizon Wireless units (besides the obvious UMTS support instead of CDMA), with the Pre Plus rocking 16GB of built-in storage and the Pixi Plus at 8GB. Additionally, if you’re a fan of AT&T’s Address Book service, you’ll be good to go out of the gate as it’s now one of the supported syncing methods in Palm’s Synergy synchronization service. Anyone excited, or were you expecting new hardware by the time this launches around June?