Nothing like a blurry photograph showing off a printed picture of a crappy handset to get your motor running, right? We scooped a pending in-stock date of August 23rd at Best Buy stores for the u450 Intensity so it makes sense that we would see this little guy start to pop up. There’s still nothing official from Verizon or Samsung but we’re guessing that after the following sentence, you won’t really care: Rumored specs include dual keypads, a 1.3 megapixel camera and Bluetooth. Exciting, we know. There is good news in all this, however. Increasing leaks typically mean an announcement or launch is getting close and there are a few handsets on that Best Buy list we’re definitely interested in. If we can firm up a launch around the end of August for the Intensity, it could mean that some of the sexier handsets on our inventory screenshot will fall into place as well. Chocolate Touch? Omnia 2? Yes, please.