Among the bevy of handsets listed in our pre-launch list from this weekend, the Samsung A797 is one of the phones we knew very little about. Rest easy though, AT&T subscribers — as is always the case, it’s only a matter of time. It turns out some apparently unknowing Atlanta native managed to snag one of these bad boys early and since he is on his way over to Sprint, he’s dumping the A797 on Craig’s List. For $115. Oops. Beyond the form of the handset, there are only a few tidbits to be gleaned from the images. We know it’s a feature phone (ie dumb phone), lack of a d-pad suggests it has a touchscreen and it’s a portrait slider with a Palm-like keypad. Pretty cute at the right price point, which is probably going to be fairly low considering this guy is selling it so cheap. Any Atlanta-area readers considering contacting him?