Hmmm. Here you are thinking, “Wow, I really want one of those sweet new BlackBerry Curves with an optical sensor trackpad and that slim, sleek body — I’m just not sure what to pay!” $49? $130? $49? $130? The decision is difficult indeed, but it’s time to get cracking folks. The Curve 8520 is now live and ripe for the picking on T-Mobile’s site. You can either cough up $130 and then sit back and relax while Tmo rushes it to your doorstep, or you can get up off your couch and snag one from your neighborhood Walmart for $49. In either case, if cheap is the route you’re looking to go you’ll end up with a sexy entry level BlackBerry handset and Tmo’s insanely competitive $10 BIS plan (well, unless you’re on a BES). The only question is whether saving $81 is worth not having to deal with moving, traffic, Walmart or human contact in general. We’ll just go ahead and call Tmo’s ballooned pricing a recluse tax.