The fantastically blurry video after the jump shows the fruits of PreCentral forum member Cleanser’s labor, and Verizon fans will definitely want to check it out. The intrepid techie apparently managed to hack a Palm Pre, still exclusive to Sprint of course, and get it working on Verizon’s network. So far Cleanser has managed to get voice and SMS working just fine but he’s having a bit of trouble with data:

Only problem is that I can’t get data to work. Apparently webOS is checking to see if the device is provisioned or not before allowing a data session to take place. So my next step would be to somehow bypass this provisioning check.

So close, and yet so far. Cleanser also reports that it took a bit of convincing to get Verizon, now ‘open to all compatible handsets’, to add the device to his account. A bit of sweet talking seems to have gotten the job done though, thankfully. Hit the jump to enjoy the quick vid and keep those fingers crossed that he can manage to get data rolling soon.

[Via PreCentral]