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Palm Pre News

HP to lay off 525 Palm employees this week

HP will lay off as many as 525 employees from its Palm division this week AllThingsD reported on Tuesday. HP killed off its webOS mobile operating system in mid-August when it also announced >>

Angry Birds Rio flies to webOS devices

HP announced today that the latest installation in the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Rio, is now available for download from the webOS App Catalog. The game sports 60 different levels across two >>

Details on RIM's new BlackBerry slider?

This isn’t confirmed, but with RIM rumored to be exploring sliding-QWERTY devices for a pretty long time, one of our BlackBerry connects dropped some info on us and we wanted it to share >>

Sprint HTC Hero thoughts

While Sprint’s HTC Hero is housed in a different and arguably less sexy shell than the standard HTC version, the internals are the same. That’s a 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and >>

Verizon reportedly passing on the Palm Pre

If this latest Verizon/Palm Pre rumor pans out, there are going to be a whole lot of angry VZW subscribers and likely just as many chuckling Sprint fans. According to The Street, Verizon >>

Palm Pre sees a $50 price cut following Pixi announcement

After yesterday’s shenanigans we’re not sure how long this offer will stand. Apropos, Pre hopefuls might want to jump on this new price point as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Palm made >>

Bell launches the Pre, wishes it had launched the iPhone

Behold, ladies and gentlemen: Bell’s new iPhone! No wait, it’s a pPhone. No… The Palm PrePhone? At this point, we’re wondering if there’s a worldwide (or at least North America-wide) conspiracy amongst creative >>