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Palm's Pre commercials are horrible

We love you Palm, we really do. WebOS is in a small club of mobile platforms that is as versatile and visually pleasing as it is powerful and it has all the potential >>

iTunes 8.2.1 kills Palm Pre syncing

Well Pre fans, at least you knew it was coming. Word is trickling out that Apple has made good on its ‘threat’ and with the release of iTunes 8.2.1, so goes the Pre’s >>

Mark/Space issues Missing Sync beta for Palm Pre

Following a promise made to the always impatient Interwebs, Mark/Space has stayed true to its word and issued a public beta version of Missing Sync for the Palm Pre. The web-famous sync utility >>

Happy Pre Day, mobile fans

Fear and Loathing joke aside, you know a phone has heat when people would rather drive through a store window than wait for the store to open… If you’ve been chained up in >>