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Sprint Treo Pro to support simultaneous voice and data?

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:13PM EST

What we have here, folks, is a classic case of a blessing in disguise. After a bit of a false start, Sprint seems to have semi-officially pulled the Treo Pro launch until late February. Bad news, right? Well, sort of. First off, the company is attempting to appease anyone that ordered the device early with a $25 account credit. More importantly, however, it sounds like the Treo Pro could be the first Sprint device to allow for simultaneous voice and data usage. Granted, the news comes from a bit of a dubious source, but if it turns out to be true it could mark a bit of a milestone for the carrier. The EV-DO Rev. A band is technically capable of allowing this work, but the CDMA world has yet to enjoy the pleasure of surfing the mobile web while attempting to pay attention to a rambling family member on the other end of the line. Such luxury has been afforded to the GSM world since the early days of 3G, so we can only hope that Sprint makes this move official. In the mean time, we’re looking into starting a support group for the 12-13 folks out there that are actually eagerly awaiting the Treo Pro, especially with the impending arrival of the Palm Pre. Way to cannibalize your own sales by pushing the introduction of the last of your previous generation devices closer and closer to the introduction of your next gen. flagship device. Seriously, Sprint/Palm…we’re impressed.


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