We already knew the bulk of the specs for the LG Versa and that Verizon is all set to release it on March 1st, but until now we were at a loss as to what Verizon would be charging for the Versa. Well we can now safely say that after a $50 rebate the Versa will set users back a husky $199.99 (or $449.99 at full retail) on a 2-year contract. Sadly the one-time costs don’t end there if you’re planning for some serious game-time with your Versa. A game controller module will be released in limited quantities for $29.99, though this is likely to be of small concern to most. We’ve been very critical of the concept of this phone in the past but we are now convinced that we were right for being suspicious of it — makers of all things bedizened Dooney & Bourke and all things aspiring Liz Claiborne have signed on the dotted line as official suppliers of “carrying solutions”. *Shudder* So have you got March 1st circled on your calendar or are you planning to sleep in? Hit the jump for a few slides.