There is still a massive shroud of mystery surrounding the upcoming Adamo line of high-end laptops by Dell. The scrappy Texas start up-turned PC giant semi-announced the line last month at CES, showing off a sexy black laptop, saying essentially nothing about it and allowing no one to turn it on. Smooth. Dell just updated its Adamo microsite to include a new Flash layout with links to a bunch of coverage Adamo has received thus far (and one link to a video that has nothing to do with the Adamo), along with a whimsical intro and a few fields where you can sign up for future info. There is still very little known about Dell’s luxury line of inevitably overpriced laptops but from the looks of things we may soon be in store for a new round of details. For the time being however, basic specs, metal cases, spun metal trackpads, backlit keys, high quality materials and luxury-level price tags are the only details you can take to the bank.

Thanks, Rupam and J.C.!