As Mac users sit patiently, for the most part, awaiting the arrival of Apple’s 10.6 OS X update, ongoing rumors of a revamped UI are starting to gain a bit more ground. Dubbed Snow Leopard, version 10.6 of OS X was previewed at WWDC 2008 quite a while ago by Apple and it is scheduled to become available sometime this quarter. Rumors originating on Daring Fireball with regards to a tweaked UI had lost steam for a while but sources close to MacRumors now claim the rumor was pretty spot on. The new UI will supposedly be more consistent across applications and will have a darker, flattened look compared to the current OS X theme, Aqua. The overall look, illustrated by the mockup above, will be more in line with the current schemes seen in iTunes and iPhoto. What do you guys think – yea or nay on the rumored theme tweaks?

[Via AppleInsider]