If you can get over the lack of 3G data, coupled with the presence of Windows Mobile, the HTC Touch Viva starts to look more than a little appealing…we suppose. Launching exclusively on T-Mobile Europe where it will be branded as the MDA Basic, the Touch Viva is a down market handset with a decidedly impressive spec sheet. Sporting a 2MP camera, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, Wi-Fi, GPS, MicroSD slot, TouchFlo 2D, and an impressive 8 hours of talk time, the Touch Viva can be had for a lowly 4.95 Euro, which works out to a lowly $6.47. Not too shabby. Sure, you won’t be carrying around much of a conversation pieve, and we can think of about a hundred dozen other options that are more to our liking, but if economy and function are you primary concerns (in that order, of course), then the Touch Viva might be worth a look. We wouldn’t hold our breath for an American release, but the Quad-Band EDGE support should make for an affordable Ebay jump if your heart so desires it.