The first official beta of Microsoft’s knight in shining GUI will soon be issued but reviews are already beginning to pop up around the internet. No, it’s not the first look we’ve had of the upcoming OS but it is the first in a line of official betas we’ll see previewed before launch-time. Of course everyone’s first impression is “wow, it looks like Vista,” but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Vista’s problems at this point after all, are most definitely not cosmetic; in fact many enjoy Vista’s clean lines and organization. Vista’s problem is still a bumpy launch and a stigma. With Windows 7, Microsoft no doubt hopes to put the Vista folly behind it and the company really couldn’t be in a better position to do so – it most certainly shouldn’t have been hard for Microsoft to discover which elements people disliked most about Vista. We can only hope that beyond building a quality OS, Microsoft pays attention to feedback from Windows 7 beta testers and general internet buzz during the beta process. If one thing can be learned from Vista, it is that the internet can be a merciless critic and literally destroy a product if enough complaints and ridicule are issued. Vista isn’t enough proof for you? Ask Palm.