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Palm cancels Foleo!

Updated 4 years ago
Published Sep 4th, 2007 5:28PM EDT

We did not see this one coming. Palm’s infinitely-wise CEO Ed Colligan has just made a public statement, announcing that the company has decided not to release the Foleo Mobile Companion in its current configuration. While his statement certainly left the possibility of a future Foleo release open, it seems like this might be the final nail in the Foleo coffin. Considering the promised “Summer 2007” drop date, this will certainly go on record as one of the most significant last minute product cancellations in recent memory. Colligan goes on to say that he is “convinced” that the right path for Palm involves focusing on improving their mobile platform design and improving the unified end user experience. Apparently the Foleo didn’t fit into this plan. We are as convinced as the next guy that the Foleo is a dead end product, but pulling out at the last minute? Somewhat questionable, especially in the eyes of the company’s already skittish stock holders. Palm better bring the pain with their next OS/Hardware configuration, or this could turn out to be but one more indication of the company’s impending collapse.

Thanks, to everyone that sent this in!


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