Visitors to Vodafone’s Storm launch pages last night were greeted by some very interesting imagery. If seeing is believing, then apparently Vodafone just dropped the most jaw dropping handset imaginable – a touchscreen BlackBerry running Apple’s mobile OS X… And it’s already jailbroken! That’s right people, when Vodafone’s BlackBerry Storm pages first went up on the Vodafone site, all of the handset images included screen captures from a jailbroken iPhone. Seriously, we’re not joking. How could a mistake like this possibly happen? There are only a few scenarios we can come up with that would lead to a mistake of this magnitude. Perhaps the entire creative team at Vodafone went on a week-long bender to celebrate the impending arrival of the Storm and these pages were slapped together in the midst of it? Or maybe the team in charge of the website unanimously decided that they’ve had enough of working for the jolly red giant so they switched out the screen images at the last moment. Whatever the case might be, expect to see a fresh batch of listings on Vodafone’s careers page any minute now. Hit the jump for more shots of the AppleBerry iStorm.

[Thanks Robby]