We just got a tip from an Apple retail store employee letting us know that the rumors about in-home iPhone activation are true. The only catch is, this isn’t the old system of activating iPhones. It’s merely something to help reduce the amount of time it takes to activate and sign up new or existing customers in the store. Basically you can pre-activate at home by entering in your cellular contract details or social and billing information if you are a new subscriber. From there, you head into the Apple store, (and maybe AT&T store, but we’re not sure yet) tell them you got mad street credz, and purchase your phone. The iPhones will still be “unbricked” at the retail location. No iPhones leave the stores without being officially activated. We also heard from the same source that some Apple stores in the U.S. received 4GB iPod Nanos but they were quickly recalled, and that the rumors of the 8GB iPhone being discontinued are probably untrue and just related to the power adapter recall. We were told all the new shipments they are getting now have the new and “safe” power adapters.