If you haven’t been lucky enough to try out the awesome mobile browser that is Skyfire, now is your chance. We’ve got 100 beta codes which will give you immediate access to either the Windows Mobile or Symbian clients. In our usage, the Symbian version smokes the Windows Mobile version, but that might just be us getting excited. We’d love to see a couple changes to the client: local browsing history, more shortcuts, fixed menu layout on the E71, and a couple other things. But all in all, this is the browser to beat. Even though they use server-side rendering, we haven’t come across a single site that didn’t work for us, or didn’t allow us to navigate, enter text, submit forms, and hinder anything we wanted to accomplish. Plus, you can view full Flash websites. You can’t beat that. If you want to sign up, use the beta code “bGenius” (negative on the quotations there Skipper). Let us know what you think of it, ok?