If you’re a Verizon subscriber looking to grab a new handset within the next several months, you’re about to have a lot lot be happy about. If these leaks are to be believed, the carrier is getting set to unveil a host of exciting new handsets. First up is the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, both of which are clearly destined for the CDMA stable. There are no dates associated with these releases just yet, but we’re guessing a mid-fall release wouldn’t be out of the question. Next up is the Motorola Blaze which should hit stores by the 22nd of September. The Treo 800w is on there, but doesn’t have any specific date info, while the as-yet-unidentified Samsung SCH-U31 makes its first known appearance. There are a couple more slated for release in the next month or two, but the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro are the real gems here, no?