It looks like the changing of the guard may happen sooner than some would have thought. According to the shop, Nokia’s N96 will begin shipping on July 31st for a whopping £600 or $1,185 as of today’s exchange rate. It will be interesting to see what price point it gets in the US, but our friends across the pond may end up saving money by flying over here to snag one. Ok, maybe not. The N96 as you know, is the peppy heir to the flagship Nseries throne and will be the second Feature Pack 2 device issued by Nokia. It’s a multimedia powerhouse with stunning specs, a solid design and a shiny new chipset that should help tremendously with power consumption. We’re very excited to check this sucker out. The big question of course: Does the N96 build nicely upon the precedent set by the N95 8GB or just basically repackage it? With details like up to 32 GB of memory, Feature Pack 2 and plenty more, we’re thinking the former might just be the case.

[Via S60 Blogger]