Apple fanboys (actually, one fanboy and one fangirl) Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans were already developing the AirMail sleeve just minutes after watching Jobs’ keynote this past Tuesday. Quite impressively, their design is already in production and will start shipping in two weeks to coincide with the MacBook Air ship date. The aptly-named AirMail is hand made using upholstery-grade vinyl for the exterior and what the tandem refer to as a "fuzzy, soft fleece" for the interior lining. The sleeve will certainly keep your Macbook Air safe from smudges, scuffs and minor dings but don’t expect much protection in the event that you drop it. The AirMail is currently available for preorder at a reasonable $30 and definitely makes a cute gift that is well-made and witty. Manila envelope joke aside, it’s also a pretty good idea for protection if you plan to slide your MacBook Air into a standard briefcase on a regular basis. Not bad for a web-designer / musician (Bechtolt’s new album was recorded on a MacBook of course) and a freelance writer / artist.

[Via Wired]