Designers Per Arlander, Madlene Linstrom and Ozgur Tasar have teamed up to create what might just be the first small step of a revolution in stoner relaxation gadgetry. The MPillow combines sound, light and…well, a pillow to lull you to sleep. The concept is actually quite cool; it connects via your Wi-Fi network to stream Grateful Dead MP3s from your computer or even selections from a catalog of soundscapes housed on the MPillow servers. A unique design situates the speaker at the narrowest point of a tear drop-like shape. As such, no real threat is posed to your hearing while the subtle vibrations that accompany sound waves compound your experience. What’s more, integrated lighting that runs around the edge of the pillow automatically changes its color and intensity to coincide with your music. The lighting effects will either create the perfect ambiance as you doze, or just give you some pretty trippy interesting dreams. In either case, this new Nordic creation might be just what you need to cure that insomnia and drift off to a peaceful sleep. That or a Temperpedic bed.