While they still might have a ways to go with fair-priced data plans, it looks like Rogers is introducing a pretty cool feature to their network this month. It’s a voicemail-to-text conversion service, and it does what you’d expect — convert your voicemail into a text message automatically. While not free (it’s priced at $15/month), the service will deliver any voicemails you have in your inbox to you in real time. Pretty cool, right? The actual backend conversion is powered by SpinVox, and we have no idea how accurate the conversions will be, but we’re guessing they’ll be pretty good. Damn Rogers? Voicemail to Text and Name Display caller ID on cell phones? You’re making us jealous. As said previously, the new SpinVox-powered service goes live this month, and it’s available in seven provinces including, BC, Ontario, Québec, and the Atlantic provinces. If you’re in Saskatchewan, Alberta, or Manitoba, you’re going to have to brave the winter and wait for this to come to your hood in early 2008.

Thanks, Daniel!

P.S. Even though we’ve got a BlackBerry up top, this service should work with any Rogers cell phone.