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The New York Times to offer iTunes subscriptions

In tandem with its announcement that it will move to a paid subscription model for online content, The New York Times said Thursday that it will also begin to sell subscriptions for news content in >>

LimeWire abandons hope, prepares to close music store

A new report Thursday suggests that legendary piracy pioneer LimeWire may soon call it quits. LimeWire was hardly the first network of its kind, but along with services like Kazaa, LimeWire played a >>

Microsoft in talks to launch streaming TV service

According to a new report from Reuters, Microsoft recently held meetings with several networks to discuss licensing television content for a new Web-based subscription TV service. According to the unconfirmed report, the new >>

Best Buy to Lay out $121mm for Napster

Before you ask, yes Napster does indeed still exist. What’s more, with a current subscriber base of around 700,000 it’s still a pretty respectable offering. Napster’s current incarnation offers three main plans for >>