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Unknown Motorola device hits FCC, packs T-Mobile 3G

T-Mobile is getting a lot of hardware love these days, between being the only carrier in the U.S. that can leverage the Nexus One’s 3G bands (for now) and the U.S. exclusivity on >>

Motorola Sholes / Droid live photos

We were sent in some snaps of the Motorola Sholes / Droid / Your face, and although they’re not full resolution, it’s still better than nothing, eh? We’ve been told from a separate >>

Motorola Tao said to be getting official next week

We here at BGR are well aware that Motorola’s Tao (aka Sholes) is the current object du désire for Android lovers and smartphone junkies alike, so we’re pretty encouraged by a rumor being >>

First live shot of the Motorola Shules hits the scene

Mr. Blurrycam is back and this time around he’s brought an extra special treat along with him. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Motorola’s savior. Maybe. We showed you renders of this bad >>