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WSJ: MetroPCS to launch LTE services next month

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a Samsung has executive publicly stated that U.S. pre-paid wireless provider MetroPCS will launch its new 4G LTE-based network next month. Jaebeom Choi, vice president of systems research >>

CDMA BlackBerry Curve 9300 crosses FCC's desk

It looks like the FCC has just released the approval documents for the next iteration of the BlackBerry Curve, the 9300. Packing a CDMA radio, the 9300 looks to be the heir apparent >>

Motorola QA30 Hint now available from MetroPCS

QWERTY handsets aren’t exactly in abundance right now from MetroPCS, so messaging fiends who enjoy ridiculously cheap unlimited plans should be pleased to learn that the scrappy young carrier has officially launched the >>