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Verizon unlimited data Visible vs MetroPCS

Verizon’s secret new unlimited plan is so good you need an invite

May 11th, 2018

Thanks to competitive pressure from T-Mobile (pre-merger T-Mobile, that is), all four major carriers in the US now have unlimited plans. Sure, they’re expensive and come with a bunch of caveats — like the fact that they’re not truly unlimited! — but customers love them very dearly. Still, Verizon’s flagship unlimited plan is $85 for …

Best prepaid unlimited plan 2017

Sprint just one-upped T-Mobile with 5 Unlimited lines for $100

October 26th, 2017

Boost Mobile, Sprint’s prepaid arm, just took the prepaid price wars one step further. MetroPCS (T-Mobile’s prepaid brand) started offering four lines for $100 earlier this week, and Boost can’t take that lying down. So, starting this Friday, Boost is offering five lines of unlimited data to customers for $100, taxes and fees included. Even …

Best Unlimited Plan 2017

4 unlimited lines for $100 is the best wireless deal of 2017

October 24th, 2017

The year of our lord 2017 still has a few more months to drag out, but I seriously doubt any carrier is going to take the remaining 68 days to beat MetroPCS’s new deal. For $100, the prepaid carrier is offering four lines of unlimited data on T-Mobile’s surprisingly fast LTE network. Now, I know …

MetroPCS scam calls vs T-Mobile

MetroPCS just gave you another great reason to lose your contract

July 24th, 2017

There’s fewer and fewer reasons for anyone to tie themselves to a postpaid monthly cell contract. It used to be that postpaid customers got all the good perks, better pricing, and higher-tier plans, but that just isn’t true any more. This week’s example: MetroPCS, T-Mobile’s prepaid arm, will roll out spam call identification and blocking …

T-Mobile MetroPCS Merger CDMA Migration

T-Mobile ahead of schedule with MetroPCS merger

June 17th, 2013

T-Mobile previously announced that it plans to shut down MetroPCS’s CDMA network by 2015 and repurpose the spectrum to expand its 4G LTE coverage. The carrier revealed last week that its plan to migrate subscribers from CDMA to HSPA+ and devices is already ahead of schedule, however, and it’s trying to entice customers to switch …

T-Mobile MetroPCS Acquisition

T-Mobile USA’s MetroPCS acquisition now closed

May 1st, 2013

T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS are no more. In their place we now find T-Mobile US, the merged entity set to begin trading as TMUS. The Associated Press reported that the acquisition was set to be completed after the closing bell on Tuesday, and the deal is now done; the newly formed entity enters the fray with …

MetroPCS shareholders approve T-Mobile merger

MetroPCS shareholders approve T-Mobile merger

April 24th, 2013

MetroPCS shareholders have voted in favor of the proposed merger deal with T-Mobile USA, Reuters reported. The approval comes only after Deutsche Telekom was forced to sweetened its offer for the wireless carrier after shareholders were advised to vote against the original proposal. Federal regulators at the FCC and Justice Department voiced their support for the …

MetroPCS board unanimously approves new T-Mobile merger terms

MetroPCS board unanimously approves new T-Mobile merger terms

April 15th, 2013

The merger between T-Mobile and MetroPCS is very close to getting official now that Deutsche Telekom’s revised offer has led some major shareholders to drop their objections to the deal. MetroPCS announced on Monday that its board of directors had unanimously approved the new merger terms and said that the revised deal “significantly improves the …

MetroPCS T-Mobile Merger

Biggest MetroPCS shareholder changes course, now supports T-Mobile merger

April 11th, 2013

Deutsche Telekom’s latest effort to sweeten its offer to MetroPCS (PCS) shareholders has apparently done the trick as Bloomberg reports that MetroPCS’s biggest shareholder has now tentatively come out in favor of its merger with T-Mobile. Paulson & Co., the hedge fund founded by famous investor John Paulson, said on Thursday that it “intends to vote …