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Rumor: specifications for HTC’s Thunderbolt 4G emerge

We usually aren’t inclined to include the word “rumor” in article titles, but once you read on, we think you’ll understand why it’s there. German blog HTCInside has published a saucy specification list >>

O2 Germany: HTC 7 Pro set to launch in January

According to German carrier O2, the HTC 7 Pro — a full-QWERTY, horizontal sliding, Windows Phone 7 device — will hit store shelves sometime in January. The set has been, up till this point, rumored >>

8GB iPhone 3GS rumors resurface

Talk of an 8GB model of the iPhone 3GS is as old as, well, the iPhone 3GS itself, but a rumor out of Germany has brought talk of mythical device back to the >>