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EVO 4G to get a software update on June 28th?

We’ve not yet independently confirmed this, but one of our Sprint connects just dropped us a line to let us know that Sprint is gearing up to push out a maintenance update for >>

HTC EVO 4G hacked to support 60 FPS video

HTC EVO 4G owners disappointed that the graphics on their premiere handset were deliberately capped at 30 FPS by HTC should head over to xda-developers and give the folks over there a hearty >>

HTC EVO 4G sold out across the country

You snooze, you lose. That’s exactly what thousands of EVO 4G hopefuls are learning today as the smartphone that smashed Sprint sales records has gone out of stock across the country. So what can >>

Qik's premium services for EVO 4G detailed

Happy EVO 4G Day Sprint lovers. Remember that whole thing about Qik video chat being $4.99/month, and then hours later it not being $4.99/month? Well, the folks from Qik have officially announced exactly >>

America's first 4G smartphone now on sale

It’s been exactly 10 weeks and 3 days since it was announced at CES 2010, but it’s finally here: The HTC EVO 4G is now available nationwide from Sprint. In exchange for two >>

HTC EVO 4G gets rooted before release

Just days after Google handed out an EVO 4G to every attendee of I/O 2010, a team of three hackers have managed to successfully root the phone with 11 days to spare. Details >>